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Mrs. Grimm.
       Hello, my name is Kathy Grimm. I’m an artist and a teacher living and working in St. Louis, Mo. Free Puzzles for Kids is my online anthology dedicated to the proliferation of quality puzzles and games for my students, colleagues and family members. Content found here may be used freely by educators in the development of lessons and fun activities for their k-12 students.  However, I ask that you not propagate these puzzles on alternative public websites because many of these are either my own original materials or have been significantly restored by myself for the expressed purpose of resourcing the materials to teachers. This does not limit, however, the number of copies that ordinary folks may produce apart from of the internet for their own private entertainment.
      Some school districts have very restrictive policies concerning the number of websites that may be visited by students within their own private libraries and classrooms and it is for this reason, I have begun to write several online journals for own classrooms: Thrifty Scissors, Easter Egg Crafts , Prickly Pins and A Guide to William Shakespeare are a few examples of my online journals for the classroom. In addition to these, I also have a Bible coloring page website and a very popular Christmas blog called, The Belsnickle Blogspot.
      I include methods of practice mixed together with themes among my entries. This is because many educators very often design lesson plans under the method or practice of a given topic instead of the theme alone. However, this blog may be very useful to those teachers developing lesson plans based upon many subjects such as: math, science, history or literacy. Puzzles here may be used to integrate subjects into a wide variety of agenda and should not be seen as limited to entertainment alone.
      Artifacts on this blog, may be used by teachers to construct or further extend lesson plans without the worry of violating copyright laws in the United States.  Although there is some original content on these pages adapted and edited by myself, I have meticulously researched and have represented the materials here specifically for the purpose of free use under American copyright law for educators. The original designer's name, when it is included with the Patterns, templates, graphics and worksheets etc..., is kept on the jpg. to determine it's history/origin.

Where do the materials come from and how may these be used?
      Some of the puzzles are original materials by me and these are copyrighted. Make sure that you know what is what before presuming it to be public domain resource. All of the coloring pages, worksheets, puzzles, cartoons and illustrated poems are either cleaned and restored here or are created entirely by myself or my family members.
      Educators may print hardcopy for classroom use freely from those copyrighted materials designed by me here. Google also sometimes uses our photos to link to our site through images or by maintaining web history through their archive.org searches. By submitting our content to Google we agree with the practice, however, this does not mean that we have similar agreements with webmasters who claim to have search pages that do not provide a direct link to our blog with every image or post listed. Search pages at pinterest do provide direct image linking to our blog, so this search software is a good example of a company software using a correct and ethical linking practice. 
      The videos posted on this blog belong to their prospective owners and are not in the public domain! These videos are provided by the youtube services freely in order to promote viral searches that are related under the category of education on this blog. When you upload a video at youtube, you agree to this practice. 

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